Straddling the continental divide in the northwest corner of Wyoming (92% of Yellowstone is in the Cowboy State), Yellowstone’s 2.2 million acres evoke a cascade of vacation memories—the original birthplace of the national park concept, wilderness, the world’s premiere wildlife refuges, one of the largest and most significant collection of thermal features in the world with majestic mountains, forests, lakes, “the mother” of great rivers, waterfalls and a rich, storied history of geology.

Without doubt, Yellowstone represents one of the preeminent places to view the incredible geological processes within the caldera at Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Nat’l Park, Wyoming work—volcanism, earthquakes, glaciation, erosion—this is truly “a land of fire and ice!”

Nearly all the famous sights that most people have heard the tales of are within a couple hundred feet of the Grand Loop Road, a 142-mile figure eight through the middle of the wonderful park. Yellowstone becomes a checklist of almost imaginary places to visit, enjoy geysers and to watch wildlife.  All this inspires an attitude that treats this great national park as a drive-through zoo where the animals come out to perform and play , and the geyser eruptions are predicted so everyone can be there on time to watch in wonder. Once you are there, give yourself a giant kick in the rear and take a walk, even if it is just around Upper Geyser Basin where you see something beyond Old Faithful along the boardwalks. “Whatever you do, don’t see Yellowstone at 45 miles per hour; that’s like seeing the Louvre from a passing train.”  Get out of the car and smell the roses

Take time to immerse yourself in the “world apart” wonders of this magnificent national park while you’re there. Buy a ticket on the Snowcoach from Cody in winter In Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Visit the Visitor Centers provided throughout Yellowstone National Park by the National Park Service. Take a hike, short or long, on any one of the hundreds of miles of trails and boardwalks.

Experience a stagecoach ride or take a boat ride on Yellowstone Lake and relax. Fish for native cutthroat trout or relax, the choices are endless. Camp at any one of a dozen sites that are primitive or have amenities. Enjoy a picnic along the banksof the Yellowstone, Gibbon, Lamar or Madison rivers with the family. Plan time for ranger interpretive programs which convey a wealth of information regarding the natural history, geology and man, animal and rock history in this region.

You owe it to yourself, to your children and to your grandchildren to experience Yellowstone together and create memories.


Yellowstone Attractions

Heart Mountain Relocation Center

Heart Mountain Relocation Center is a look into the past that will help understand how mistakes made cannot be repeated.

Big Horn Canyon

Big Horn Canyon is truly one of the last untouched places in the United States.  Go back in time hundreds and even thousands of years into the past.

Homesteader Museum

The Homesteader Museum in Powell highlights the lifestyle of the first homesteaders to the Powell area.  The museum illustrates the daily battles and victories and the lives of the residents of the area.  It is rich in history and has many buildings and phots and displays.

Scenic Drives

Chief Joseph Highway

Located along the northeastern edge of Yellowstone National Park, the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway offers spectacular views and an incredible drive that will not be forgotten. However, not only will you find the breathtaking beauty that Wyoming is known for, you will find incredible ares for wildlife viewing, along with access to excellent recreation opportunities, and a chance to see the land where the legendary flight of Chief Joseph and his band of Nez Perce occurred with the US Government.

Dedicated to the story of the New Perce and Chief Joseph, the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway affords you the opportunity to learn more of this terribly tragic tale. From prehistoric times to the present, the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway has much to reveal about the  geology and the deep relationship between the natural environment and human history.

Beartooth Highway

Proclaimed as one of the most scenic drives in all of the United States, the route features breathtaking 360 degree views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, and open high alpine plateaus marked with countless glacial lakes, forested valleys, waterfalls and wildlife to be discovered. The Beartooth All-American Road provides easy access to Yellowstone National Park at its northeast entrance and is an exceptional choice to enter into Yellowstone.

You will relish in the experience of take time to enjoy this unique travel destination and all of the wonders, attractions and historic sites of the great Yellowstone area. Visits to the gateway communities of Cooke City and Red Lodge, Montana and Cody, Wyoming will complete the incredible and an unparalleled family western vacation.

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